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Have you ever been afraid to tell the truth about how you feel?

Did you ever feel pressure from your parents or society in pursuing your own desires?

I’d like to tell you about how I found the courage in practicing telling the truth about how I feel. I have had many lessons in this (and it’s an ongoing practice), but it all boils down to mentorship.

The first time I felt mentored

I had left my family in the Dominican Republic after college and moved to New York. I had discovered around that time that I didn’t like engineering. I liked fitness.

In my late teens I developed an interest in aerobics and would practice all the time. I became an aerobics fanatic! But I didn’t start working in fitness.

I got a job at a gas station.

Being a dedicated and honest person — with a good work ethic.

I saw my job at the gas station as a real job. I clocked my hours, showed up on time and earned a predictable paycheck. My boss noticed. He entrusted me more with the business and gave me opportunities to showcase how I was responsible. One day he suggested I should apply for a job at the Metro North. Soon I was out the door working for a new company making three times as much — and I give him credit for seeing in me what I couldn’t see at the time. This was the first taste I had of mentorship where someone saw what I was seeking and helped me get there faster.

New job, new problems.

Working at the Metro North was awesome. I was earning money, I was able to have a nice apartment. I had a uniform. I was doing my job. But I would come into the locker room to change in and out of my uniform and I’d feel empty. What else was there?

I was passionate about fitness. I had expressed this to a friend of mine and he mentioned there was an ad in the neighborhood for an aerobics instructor. I laughed it off and shied away. I wasn’t going to teach aerobics class in English to people. I was too self-conscious about my speaking, and especially to a large group.

But my friend made a phone call and set the interview up. I was stunned. I went to meet the hiring instructor and she took me under her wing — taught me all she knew, helped me get certified, and I started teaching part-time. That was the second time I felt mentored by the people in my life. They helped accelerate me to where I belonged and where I felt most alive.

The practice of telling the truth.

After some years of splitting my time between the Metro North and my love of fitness — I needed a change. One day a customer at work invited me to an event where they offered coaching and mentorship. I signed up. I established strong relationships with my own mentor and received additional mentoring from my peers. Together I started practicing to tell the truth about how I feel more boldly.

What was I not telling the truth about?

I wasn’t telling the truth about what I wanted. I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to work in fitness full-time. I started reading self-help books. I started having more conversations with coaches and entrepreneurs. I found mentors and coaches who believed in me. Slowly, I started to make small changes which led to bigger changes. I started privately training in Pilates and then went on to open my own business.

Now it’s been 10 years, and I am still constantly examining what I desire to do vs what I think I should do.

Now I desire to coach, mentor, train and support other folks who are in need of a space to think freely and discover the truth about how they feel.

This is what I bring to my coaching experience.

I hold space for people to examine the truth about how they feel. I help them clarify what they desire to do vs. what they think they should do.

The practice of telling the truth about how I feel — and have that be louder than anything else for what others or society is telling you to do.

It takes courage.

What To Expect In A Coaching Relationship

I will co-create with you an environment in which you will discover how to address any goals or challenges that you may have or might be dealing with at the moment.

A Little About Me

I’m PCC (Professional Coach Certified Coach) Certified from the International Coaching Federation. A graduate of Michael Neil’s Transformative coaching school. I’m a teacher trainer for Vital Smarts and teach courses in communication, accountability and productivity to individuals and teams. I actively coach and mentor Pilates and Yoga instructors as part of my own Pilates Studio. When I’m not coaching, I can be found cooking dinner with my partner, going for a bike-ride with my son, rock climbing with friends, reading a book or simply going for a walk.


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